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Get to know me. I'm delightful.


Oh what fun it was growing up in the 80’s!!!  It was a time of outrageous color combinations, excessive amounts of everything, and what now seem to be relatively lenient child safety labor laws. My mother noticed early on that her overly active easily distracted daughter could focus and remain silent for hours when given an arts and crafts project.  Puff paints, sequins, glue and glitter became my live-in babysitter.


As time went on, it became more challenging to pique my interest and so a barrage of painting classes ensued. It really was a win-win situation for the family. I kept busy in a highly creative environment, endlessly producing what would later become Christmas gifts everyone loved (or pretended not to hate) and the family got to sleep/eat/watch TV in peace.


With (slight) maturity, came a refinement of color and design. As talented as I had become in the art of realism, I was lacking the passion for painting I had as a youngster. I longed for the carefree days of creative, reckless abandon and coloring outside the lines. Everything changed when I painted my first abstract piece.  I found freedom from portraits, freedom from landscapes, and freedom from bowls of fruit. It was FREEDOM! Abstract painting is a complicated, multifaceted adult version of the best day of finger painting you ever had as a kid. My love for it has only grown deeper and stronger with every passing moment. I “THINK” in color and then I bring it to life on a canvas for all to see. I get to follow my bliss every day, and that will always be my greatest gift.



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